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has this been done before or….

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to believe in a universe as young as six or seven thousand years old is to extinguish the light from most of the galaxy, not to mention from all the hundred billion other galaxies in the observable universe

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i had such high expectations.  i was not let down.

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"u missed di schoo bus eh?"
"yes fadda"
"find a wey ti schoo den"

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So I’ve been gone for a little while, but my car went through some pretty gnarly changes, and here’s how she’s sitting now.

Thanks to 201Wrap/Identity Design/PaintIsDead and everyone involved to help bring her where she is today.





No it would be instantaneous and then your body would float around those big colorful nebulas and you could get to other galaxies and maybe become part of a moon or get incinerated in a star or fall into a black hole.
You could become part of an asteroid and impact on a moon and your microscopic dust remains are scattered all over the crater.
You could become part of a star and undergo nuclear fission and turn into hydrogen and your body is a tiny fraction of the process of the star and you make light for the universe and then the star ages and your atoms get turned into iron and then the star goes supernova and you’re spewed across the universe as space dust.
You could land of a kind-of habitable planet and your DNA survives as you start to decompose and in a few million years the primitive life forms of your body become science’s greatest mystery for humankind.
You could be found by an alien civilization who’s also wondering ‘are we alone in the universe’ and suddenly they know they’re not because woah processed materials and tools and crazy-developed processing centers woah and then in a couple thousand years they make first contact because of the space-travelling cultural revolution your corpse prompted in their society and the humans of the future go ‘how did you get all these spaceships and junk’ and they reverently pull out your body and you are interred with great fanfare and people make you statues and holidays and stuff.
Your body could end up literally anywhere in the universe and you’d be the first human there because who said you had to be alive huh?

What is wrong with you



w-wow! cool looking supra!

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